The Advantages of Waxing – For Men

Few people on Earth know how to truly revel in a hairy back, and even die-hard naturists don’t always appreciate the vision of a man in a tight swimsuit with huge swathes of pubic hair peeking from between his thighs. Similarly, a mono-brow is not considered attractive on most members of the male species, and hairy nostrils are not really a pretty sight either.

It’s estimated that about one in three men regularly get rid of hair from their backs, chests, legs or pubic regions.

So what to do? Well, real men – and by that we mean the metrosexual type of male, who isn’t afraid to wear a pinky ring or, on occasion, apply a fake tan – swear that male waxing is the way to go. Also known as “maxing”, male waxing isn’t just for the genitals. In fact, it’s arguably the best way to make the hirsute chest hairless, the mono-brow two, and the hairy back a thing of the past.

Why Wax?

Okay guys, let’s not go hog-wild here. While you can wax virtually any part of your body where there is hair, it’s not recommended or the inside of the ears or nose (ouch!) – unless done by a professional. And leave those eyelashes alone!

It’s estimated that about one in three men regularly get rid of hair from their backs, chests, legs or pubic regions – and that nine in ten women find profligate back hair a bit, shall we say, less than appealing. Saying that, don’t just grab the nearest razor and dig in. For the vast majority of follicle-phobes, waxing is infinitely preferable to shaving, creaming or plucking. Reasons include:

* Areas that are hairless thanks to waxing remain so for up to eight weeks – depending on the individual – and the hair often grows back infinitely softer and less coarse. That is because the hair is taken out at the root, as opposed to shaving where just the surface of the hair is removed.

* The wax used also acts as an exfoliant, leaving the skin significantly smoother. This is because it removes all the dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin and reveals smoother, peachier skin in its place.

* Men who wax find that unlike with razors, there is no tell-tale stubble the following day.

* Some guys find that razors and depilatory creams act as an irritant to their skin, resulting in either a nasty razor-rash, cuts or other damage, or just a bad smell. Waxing is smoother and kinder – and smells fab!

* Waxing makes your muscles look larger and better defined, it also allows you get a tan in areas where previously the jungle was too dense for the sun to shine through…

Hair-Free with No Hassle: Salon Waxing

For waxing to work, it has to be done correctly. This means either visiting a cosmetologist or waxologist who knows what he or she is doing, or learning how to do it yourself with a home waxing kit.

By far the easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair, salon waxing is suitable for virtually all parts of the body where hair is prolific, although it can be time-consuming and expensive. Before you book an appointment, however, make sure the salon accepts both male and female clientele – or you may be out on your hairy butt faster than you can say “Wax me”.

The salon waxing method is simple: warm wax is applied to the parts of the skin where you want hair removed, in the direction of hair growth. Wax is then poured onto a specific area, left briefly, then pulled off in the opposite direction, with the help of a muslin cloth or other piece of fabric. Quick, easy and only briefly painful! Most salons offer several different types of male waxing packages, including:

Brazilian Wax

If you can’t figure this one out, these three words ought to help: back, sac and crack. Also known as the Boyzilian or Guyzilian, it can transform even the hairiest of apes into a rugged, smooth yet sleek Adonis. All hair is removed completely, with the exception of a small “landing strip” in the pubic area. It does hurt, but not more than pulling a big old band-aid off a hairy patch of skin.

Hollywood Wax

Similar to the Brazilian, with this form of male genital waxing virtually all the pubic hair is removed – including the landing strip – leaving you as peachy as the day you were born…

Back Wax

Some men complain of slight irritation for a few days, so this might not be a great idea if you have to wear a tight-fitting suit in a sweltering boardroom directly after.

Chest Wax

Ripping off your hair against the direction of growth achieves the best results – and can also be very painful. Be prepared for small red welts the following day, so if you have a hot date you might want to postpone it until mid-week. And if you find your date actually prefers luxurious chest hair billowing out from your shirt, you’ll be out of luck.

Facial Wax

Not what you might think. Waxing the beard or scalp isn’t recommended, this is mainly for the eyebrows, nostril area, nape of the neck and outside of the ears. Also good for getting rid of stray hairs on the face – much better than plucking them away.

Please note that many do-it-yourself home waxing kits are on the market today, so ask around to find one that really works. Home waxing can make sense if you want to wax the hair off your legs or for some parts of the face. But if you want a Brazilian or something even more, it’s better to visit a salon than attempt it yourself.

Top Tips

* Stay out of the sun and avoid the ocean or pool for at least a full 24 hours before waxing.

* Hair that is roughly 1/4 to 1/2 inch long is the perfect length to be waxed. If you have never trimmed your pubic hair before, you may want to cut it to this length before visiting a salon – so get out those garden shears!

* The only clothing required for male genital waxing is a pair of socks, in case your tootsies get cold. Underwear and shirts can get damaged by the wax, so it’s best to take them off. If you’re the easily embarrassed type, you will be offered a cloth to drape over the parts that are not being waxed.

* Make sure you are the right type of candidate for waxing before you dive in. If you are taking certain acne medications such as Accutane, for example, the skin can be weakened and can actually tear off when waxed. Similarly, people who have diabetes or other conditions such as varicose veins might want to avoid waxing as they are more prone to infection as a result.

* If you are a waxing virgin, you should know that hair regrowth can be extremely itchy, although the more often you wax, the less noticeable this common side-effect will become. Also, be prepared for some pain and discomfort but remember, no pain, no gain.

Waxing isn’t for everyone, and after reading this you may find that being a hairy bastard actually suits you after all. Some men prefer a simpler do-it-yourself routine, and invest in clippers or an electric razor, which can also produce a sleek effect. Whatever you choose, just make sure you go with your gut – although a hairy gut isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time either!