Costumes for Native American Day

September 24th is Native American Day, a fitting tribute to the indigenous population of the (now) United States. These people lived on the land for thousands of years before a white man ever stepped onto the terrain. Throughout the history books, these people have been erroneously called this native population “Indians” thanks to Spanish Explorer, Christopher Columbus, who severely underestimated the circumference of Earth and thought that he had landed in parts of Asia. During the 15th century, it was estimated that there were anywhere from 1 million to 18 million Native Americans in the region. With the bringing together of European and Native American cultures, there have been many high and low points as the two groups of polar opposites have struggled to understand each other – today there are almost 3 million modern-day Native Americans belonging to many tribes including Navajo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Sioux and others.

A great way to celebrate Native American Day is to dress up in a Halloween costume of your favorite real life character. Girls of all ages will love to dress up as the natural beauty Pocahontas who was made even more famous by becoming one of the beloved Disney princesses. Like many other Indian Princess costumes, a Pocahontas costume features a tan, suede-like dress with fringe at the neck, hem and arms. Often, the ladies costumes are embellished with elaborate beadwork or embroidery in the style of a specific Indian Tribe. Beaded moccasins, turquoise jewelry and a long braided wig with a single-feather on a headband make fitting touches to a Pocahontas Indian costume – and how!

With Thanksgiving just weeks away, Native American costumes can also become an integral part of a feast celebration. Reenactments of some of the first Thanksgivings in the early 1600s when Indian tribes and Pilgrims came together to break bread, share in the harvest and learn each others customs is another good reason to suit up in an Indian Halloween costumes. Some of the most popular looks for Native American costumes for men include long, fringed pants and a matching tunic made from a buck skin looking fabric. Great accessories for this Indian costume include a bow and arrow, a tomahawk and an elaborate Indian headdress filled ceremoniously with dozens of colorful flowers.