Group Productivity

Group productivity is a successful element to any person’s business. This essentially means harnessing the power of teams to multiply the individual efforts of the people who are serving with the organization.

Inspiration and influence are the best tools to help achieve group productivity. Inspiration makes each and every person in the group work harder and gets good results in terms of productivity. It motivates the entire team and makes them to achieve the objective of the company. In other words we can say that it increases the cooperation among workers and make them more competent to achieve the goal of their company.

Influence presupposes the existence of an effective leader who is able to motivate the employees and followers. Such influence is not the coercive kind of leadership. Instead, it is based upon a charismatic personality, intense commitment to organizational vision, mission and goals as well as care for the followers and employees.

Group productivity plays an important role in management to attain group flexibility.

But how can you, as a leader, improve group productivity?

Conduct tests for individuals in the team, who want to improve their business skills. This will help you identify the power performers, the average ones and the lazy ones. If they are willing to become better at what they do, empower them. They can serve as group leaders and hopefully, in the future, as managers.

Improve communication skills and leadership development skills for better results. When you are able to communicate what you want for the organization, people are bound to listen to you and follow your lead. It is therefore important to learn how to communicate effectively.

Increase your productivity skills to achieve group productivity. Your own productivity should be impeccable. That way, you serve as an example for the employees. When they see you working as hard; or even harder; as they do, they will admire you and start emulating your example.

Train employees and choose right group leader to maximize the group productivity. Leadership is important. So do appoint effective and efficient group leaders who can serve as your assistants.

Team spirit is important to achieve the organization’s common goal. It helps in eliminating negativity of the employee.

Project management and right leadership are the important factors to get most from the team. It is also important to manage team and see to those resources as it shouldn’t get wasted. Cohesiveness in group can improve their productivity and its all depends on how group manages cohesiveness. Sometimes apathetic employee in a group with negative cohesiveness can reduce entire team’s spirit and leads to reduced productivity.

So before performing any activity or work check whether all the employees in the team are properly trained and posses’ good knowledge of productivity. People with high cohesiveness plus properly trained and managed can motivate others and responsible for team success and group productivity. A group is composed of individuals. Some of them are more skilled than others; some are more passionate than others. But if you are able to harness all of them, group productivity will be ensured along the way.