Celebration of All Saints Day in the Philippines

There are unique ways for every culture in celebrating specific occasions. A very good example of this is how people from the Philippines celebrate their own version of All Saints Day. There are lots of interesting things that happen in the Philippines during the All Saints Day. Normally, other countries would celebrate it in a sad and solemn way because the celebration is about remembering our departed loved ones. But the Philippines even prepare feasts and gatherings for the day.

For us to have a better picture of what the celebration of All Saints Day in the Philippines here is a list of the things they do during this special occasion:

· Families conduct signing groups which are called “pangangaluluwa”. These are singers that go from house to house during the eve of the All Saints Day. People believe that this practice will bring peace to the departed. Other families even hire these singers to sing in their homes so that they can pray for the family’s departed members.

· There is a special mass that is being in Catholic churches during the day of All Saints Day. It is usually a morning mass which is done right before families go to the cemetery to offer flowers, candles and others to the departed’s’ tombs.

· The cemeteries can be absolutely crowded during this occasion. All the members of the family will go to the cemetery and stay there for almost the whole day. Sometimes, people even sleep inside the cemetery and will spend the night there. The cemetery is bright and crowded during that time so it is not that spooky to stay in overnight.

· Family members conduct feasts in the cemetery or in their homes. Most of the rich Filipinos do this. If they have a wide mausoleum in the cemetery, they will prepare for lots of foods and feed their friends and relatives. They will invite people and conduct a party like feast inside the cemetery.

· The tombs of the dead will be very colorful with flowers, candles, foods, coins, and many others. They believe that it is a way for the departed to eat and enjoy the foods with them. They will also offer prayers such as the rosary for the dead. It will help them be at peace.

· The Filipinos also makes the occasion a kind of break for them. Usually when All Saints Day is being celebrated, people are off from work for 3 to 5 days. It would be a vacation for a lot of people for them to go to the province and be with their relatives.

That is the unique way of celebration of All Saints Day in the Philippines. This tradition has been done for many years, and it is one of the uniqueness the Philippines have.