What Are Common Luggage Problems And How To Fix Them

No matter how much money you have got, you can never travel without a good luggage set. Even if you don’t travel that often, you still have to invest in a sturdy and durable luggage that you can use in case you have to take an emergency trip somewhere. It could be a business trip, a vacation or anything that requires you to pack your things up.

You also need to consider many things before you buy the luggage that you want. You have to make sure that it fits your lifestyle and that it would really be of great use to you. You have to find a luggage that is convenient to use, durable enough, mobile as well as stylish. So now, suppose that you have already bought one, you should also prepare for the problems you might encounter with it in the future.

The following are some of the most common problems encountered by luggage owners which you may also experience with your luggage. Along with the problems are the quick fix tips you can use to solve the said problems.

Broken and damaged wheels

Most people consider the wheels as the most essential part of a luggage since these are the ones who lighten up our burden and assist us in our movement. Wheels are important because with them, we only have to push and pull our heavy bags and not carry them. It can especially help us if we always travel heavy.

This is also the reason why the wheels are one of the most easily damaged part of the luggage, especially in suitcases. Almost all pressure and stress are carried by the wheels and that is why even the most durable of wheels can get broken. When these wheels get damaged, you may have to buy a new set before your next flight.

It would be so much easier if the luggage you have bought have detachable wheels. In case they get broken or damaged, remove them by using the appropriate tool (which depends on your luggage) such as a screwdriver. Then take them out. Take these set of wheels with you when you buy another set in order to make sure that the new ones will fit. Find the same set or if it is not possible, buy the one that resembles the old wheel set the most.

Place the wheels into the luggage and screw them tightly enough. Screwing them on too tightly may cause the new wheels to break while screwing them on too loosely will cause them to fall off. Test your wheels and make sure it gives you convenient motion.

The hard shell got cracked

If your hard shelled suitcase cracked and it is considerably new, chances are you did not choose wisely. Not because a suitcase has a hard shell automatically means it is durable. There are some types of cheap hard shelled suitcase that can easily crack under pressure. When shopping for a hard suitcase, try tapping on it. You will know whether it is sturdy if the sound that your tapping produces is not hollow.

It is best to consult a professional or if not the manufacturer themselves when your new suitcase cracks. While there may be some tips on how to repair these cracks, chances are they will only work for a short time, or not at all. You can take the luggage to the manufacturers but I doubt they will replace it if you have already poured solutions in an attempt to fix it.

So my suggestion? Keep it clean and fight for the warranty. On the other hand, if the suitcase you have is already quite old, perhaps the cracks are the telltale sign that it has to retire immediately. Buy a new one. The cracks may have been caused by the constant pressure it endured over the years.

Zippers that don’t zip up

A stuck zipper is another common problem on luggage which will not only hassle you but risk the protection of your things as well. While this might be a troublesome problem, it comes with a solution even children can do. The first thing you need to do is to examine the zipper. The most probable cause why the zipper is not working is that there may be hair or yarn stuck in it.

After examining it, do the next step which is as easy as the first one. If you have a problem with the zippers of your luggage (or any kind of zipper for that matter), just rub it with wax sticks or candles. That will unstuck the zipper and make it glide smoothly again.