How to Make Him Hungry for You? Do These 7 Things & Make Him Run After You All the Time

The forbidden fruit always seems sweeter. You can use this law of nature to make your man so hungry for you that he begins to worship the ground you walk on. Here are some ways how you can do this effortlessly.

Appear delicious
It goes without saying that if you want your man to crave for you endlessly then you have to be very appealing visually. You need the perfect body, skin, hair and more importantly attitude. When you walk around him, his jaws should drop. So, get that fabulous shape and get your skin, hair and face taken care of by a professional.

Appear sporadically
You have to make sure that you give him a glimpse of yourself only once in a while. Make the disappearing act a habit till you have achieved your goal. He needs to see you in bits and spurts. The more you do this the hungrier he gets.

Sex appeal
Now that you have taken care of your body and other assets, it is time that you tickle his imagination. Dress sexily and show your cleavage and long legs. However, do so in a subtle manner. You should strut around him in such a manner that his heart skips a beat whenever you are near him.

Along with a great body you will also need a sharp and intelligent mind to capture his imagination. Brush up on your general knowledge and become aware of the issues that are important to one and all around you.

So close yet so far
When you maintain approachable distance he is lured into your maze. He should get the impression that you are approachable yet distant. Never get so close to him that he begins to take your presence for granted. Always maintain the balance of power in your favor.

Acknowledge his other qualities
Your guy will make sure that he looks and smells good. He will also ensure that he puts on his best behavior whenever you are around. Instead of acknowledging his looks or sense of dressing compliment him on his other fine qualities like his conversation skills or his intellectual faculty.

Positive and happy vibes
The vibes that you give out are as important as all the above efforts. He should know that you are a happy person and have a positive outlook towards life. Once you present this complete package his hunger for you will be insatiable.