One Life Changing Question

One of the most beautiful and powerful questions comes from an ancient source. It is a question that will get you out of bed in the morning, push you to live with passion, to care more, love more and be more. It will drive you to pursue your goals, go the gym, and to be a better spouse, parent, and friend.

When you look at the world around you and see the many challenges, asking this question will give you new insight, courage, and motivation to walk in faith, hope, and love.

During the Crimean war, hundreds of soldiers died every day. Before long more were dying in the hospitals than on the battlefield. The medical staffs were often untrained, simply people pulled off the street and forced to work in a seemingly hopeless job. That was all about to change.

Florence Nightingale had a deep and personal spiritual experience when she was 17. From then on she lived with a deep faith in God. She learned to speak 5 languages, one of which was Greek, a skill she used to study the New Testament. At 34 she entered the hospital as a nurse. With her extensive education, she quickly made a number of changes, foremost among them was sanitizing the rooms, and giving compassionate care to wounded soldiers.

Her efforts changed hospitals, and today she is known as the founder of modern nursing. So great was her impact that the soldiers wrote songs to memorialize her.

Which brings us back to our question, one Florence asked and answered a number of times.

Before he faced Goliath, David asked his brothers why no one was answering the challenge of the giant who was mocking the army of Israel. Rather than embrace David’s courage, his brothers were angry at his boldness. Their response was to tell David to return home and leave them alone, as they believed no one could defeat the giant.

David then asked, “Is there not a cause?” (1 Samuel 17:29). His question was met with silence from his brothers. He however knew the answer, and went on to defeat Goliath, and become a legend in the making.

“Is there not a cause?” David’s question is for each of us. What he was asking was, “Is there not a reason to fight? Is there not something more at stake than our comfort? Is there not a compelling reason to risk everything?” David did, Florence did, and we should, giving ourselves to causes greater than our own lives.

What giants do you see around you? Broken marriages? Division? Addictions? Depression? Health issues? Financial challenges? The list of giants is long. Each Goliath needs a David to stand up and be the example, the warrior who won’t back down.

Feel like giving up at times? Just utter the question, “Is there not a cause?”; then get up, live with passion, and fight the giants!