Be Healthy and Happy With a Wonderful World of Herbal Tea

If you are familiar with the term ’tisane’ that stands for Herbal tea, it refers to the hot water infusion of several kinds of herbs and spices. Protect bodily cells and tissues, organs too, through a large range of natural products. Egypt and China used such concoctions in the olden days for sterling health benefits. Be alert, hydrated and active to take on mundane challenges with the glorious herbal stuff.

Choose from a great variety of plant-based natural medications

Some items in the list of herbs may seem strange and unfamiliar, but there is no reason to panic. Cures are on the way, hopefully, for many common symptoms.

A root familiar to everybody, Ginger promotes healing and helps relieve pain. Ginger increases circulation and dilates blood vessels.

Feeling down may require Nettle, a British herb, with its glorious mineral content. Nettle supplies iron for blood cells that bring energy. Silica and calcium energize hair, teeth, and bones.

If sleep problems occur, Chamomile is indicated with its small gold buds. The tryptophan amino acid brings tranquility.

The root of the Dandelion weed takes care of the liver and treats high blood pressure. Authorities believe that it helps treat arthritis and gout besides helping fight chronic inflammation. Dandelion cleanses and removes toxic substance.

Cold in the chest requires the curative properties of the Mediterranean Thyme. Volatile oils protect the plant against virus attacks and these benefits reach us through the infusion.

Lemon Balm, scientifically Melissa Officinalis, effectively treats anxiety. Headaches and palpitations require such treatment.

Turmeric besides being a much-favored spice in Asian cultures has been a medical boon for 4000 years. Turmeric is credited with promoting a healthy liver. An expert believes that it helps digestion, eases cramps, regulates menstruation and dissolves gall-stone.

Peppermint does a lot more than refresh the breath. Digestion and flatulence are helped besides nausea. Herpes and pains are brought under control. Peppermint aids asthma and coughs and reduces stress.

A Lemongrass plant is the source of cooking oil as well as a beneficial tea. The component called Citral – a fragrant liquid helps in digestion.

The flowers of the Lavender plant, purple, pink and white, have great medicinal properties. The tea relieves a cough and bronchitis, regulates fever too. It can heal sores, cuts, and ulcers.

The amazing health benefits of Herbal tea

Maybe some people would not consider herbal teas sensational enough with their caffeine and drug-free constituents. As gentle as a flower, herbs do bring a lot of cures. Very trendy health drinks, they are comparatively economical and native to many exotic countries. Whether it is depression or cold, digestion problem or coughs, several cures can be found among nature’s treasure trove of herbs and spices that have been consumed since time immemorial.

Get the appropriate recipe

Build tissues and hormones with the right herbal teas. Avoid additions of essential oils or flavors. Get good quality tea bags or loose tea and soak in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes to extract the properties. Even in the absence of medical conditions, herbal tea infusions would bring an aura of health and goodness. Opt for the real thing and avoid fakes, preferably purchase an organic stuff that is so popular nowadays.

Hawthorn promotes cardiovascular health, reduces stress on the heart and improves blood circulation.

Rose hips with plenty of Vitamin C build immunity and skin health besides boosting tissues and adrenal functions.

The Milk Thistle herb cleanses the liver and improves its function. Producing bile, the digestive system gets a boost.

Echinacea contains anti-oxidants that help immunity. Colds are suppressed and it heals inflammation and aches.

Cinnamon is supremely healthy and helps fight viruses and maintain blood sugar levels, even better when combined with honey.

Hibiscus Flower is also rich in Vitamin C and lowers blood pressure. It strengthens immunity and reduces cholesterol, and antioxidants protect against free radicals.

Make wise choices. Invest in the mighty world of Herbal tea. Buy a few favorites varieties like health tonics for the family and witness a sparkling change of spirits and natural vigor.