What Makes Limpopo Bush Lodge Accommodation So Special And Where To Find It

Limpopo, the northern most province in South Africa, offers wide open spaces, amazing mountains and lakes. Limpopo animal lodge accommodation is home to the most awesome wildlife of bush and animals.

Because of the luscious setting, a Limpopo bush lodge can offer tropical gardens and uninterrupted magnificent views.

South Africans are renown for their hospitality and generous spirit, and animal lodge in Limpopo will be no exception. You will be served and treated to many treats and special offerings to make your stay in a Limpopo animal accommodation unforgettable.

Certain areas, such as Waterberg, in the province are malaria-free. Your hosts at your preferred Limpopo bush accommodation will be able to advise you with sufficient detail about the malaria as well as where to best view the local game (safari). Game viewing will include giraffes, antelope, leopards and possibly civets. Incidentally, when viewing giraffes, it may appear that they are eating a snake – it is actually their long dark grey tongue, which is long enough to clean its ears.

Between your game viewing, (very often to be viewed from your Limpopo bush lodge) make some time for other special offerings in the province. Activities available for your leisure include hiking, trout fishing, biking, visiting the local tea estate, waterfall sightseeing and comfortable walking in the magnificent mountain ranges. Your Limpopo bush lodge will also be able to refer you to a suitable bush lodge spa locally.

Local towns within the province include Groblersdal, Tzaneen, Musina, Mabatlane and Vaalwater.

Your Limpopo animal accommodation will also be able to guide you about game veiwiing on horseback, from your vehicle or with a fame ranger.

Your Limpopo bush lodge will also allow you to experience the culture of the Venda, North Sotho and Tsonga peoples. It is a special place and strongly encouraged. Take a trip to a Limpopo bush lodge.

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