9 Super Home Remedies For Treating Bad Breath

Halitosis in most of us happens because micro-organisms are living, growing, reproducing, dying, and decaying in our mouths. But there are other reasons, too, why bad breath occurs. Gum ailments and rotting teeth both are considerable factors for many individuals. Digestive issues or throat infection could also contribute to the situation.

This problem is centuries old, with its frustration exacerbated by so many commercial products that don’t work! As a result, bad breath sufferers are increasingly open to the idea of finding even one or two home remedies for overcoming their bad breath that would be effective, yet natural.

Remedy #1: Obviously, daily (or even each meal) dental hygiene is the most evident of them all. If we don’t let bits of food remain in hiding inside our mouths, we can halt the bacterial life-cycle which promotes stinky breath.

Remedy #2: On another note, halitosis occasionally responds favorably to certain specific diet strategies. A number of individuals encourage sufferers to chew mint leaves for improving the smell from their mouth. Munching on a few sunflower seeds following a meal is recommended, as well as drinking 6-8 ounces of water.

Remedy #3: Then there’s parsley: did you ever wonder why restaurant meals often include some with your food serving? In time past, it was brought at the end of a meal, in an individual serving bowl, so people could use it to freshen their breath. Now we put it at the top of the entrée, or beside it, but parsley is still there for the identical purpose for which it has always been served.

Remedy #4: Parsley and mint are indeed effective choices, but there are other herbs that also help. Some ex-sufferers swear by chewing whole cloves: one each day after eating. They say it’s a great help in winning over bad breath.

Remedy #5: In addition, various food choices will help with smelly breath. Gargling several times daily with the freshly-squeezed juice of a lemon works very well. Taking a cup of warm, non-sweetened green tea will help alleviate halitosis. Another effective natural remedy for halitosis is tea made from Fenugreek seeds. And certain individuals suggest that pineapple juice does a good job of squelching unpleasant mouth odor.

Remedy #6: That apple every day (besides keeping the doctor away), will be great for purifying your mouth, by eliminating microbial activity. For an effective breath sweetener, chew cardamom seeds, as they have a very fragrant, lingering after-taste.

Remedy #7: A few items outside the food category are well able to assist in conquering bad breath. We’ve all seen the advertisements where the manufacturers try to hype us into buying their toothpaste that contains baking soda. What they don’t say is this: a simple gargle of water and baking soda will probably work just as efficiently (or maybe more so, due to the increase concentration of baking soda).

Remedy #8: Opting for zinc-rich foods also helps control bacteria levels in a person’s mouth.

Remedy #9: Hydrogen peroxide works great for cleaning the tongue, as it hunts down and kills those unwelcome ‘little beasties’.

Evidently we see quite a range of home remedies for bad breath. But actually, none of them are able to serve as a stand-in for simply keeping our teeth, our gums, and our tongues clean. If you suspect that you are not managing this effectively, visit an oral health professional for tips and coaching. He/she should be able to help you with strategies to prevail over your halitosis.