How to Share Your Sense of Humour and Be a Good Listener

Laughing is healthy for your body and your soul. If you know some funny jokes or you begin to see the funny side of life you should share this with your friends and people you are around. A sense of humor is good for you and it is healthy for other people too. The ability to make people laugh is a good thing and if you are capable of making people laugh use this skill. This will be good for the people you are making laugh because you are raising their spirits and it will feel good to you too.

Sharing your sense of humor is good for you and good for the people you are around. You will feel good about yourself and might even be motivated to find new jokes for each day too.

Helping others create motivation and a positive attitude also means you need to be a good listener. When you listen to people they realize you actually care about what they have to say. It shows you have a sensitive side too. When you listen to others they realize that they have something positive to focus on.

Listening to people gives you the opportunity to show people the positive in then negative they are focusing on. This will help you help them. Listening means understanding how the person is feeling about what they are saying. You might want to repeat back to the person some of the things they are saying. This will reinforce to the person you are listening to that you are listening to them. When you are a good listener it will make you feel great because you will see the positive effect it has on the other person. You will also create a better friend too.