The Sounds of Christianity, the Music of Life

How many of us know a few Christian sounds, the music of prayer and songs to lift the heart, most I would say. But how many of us take the time to really listen, to enjoy the gospel or contemporary Christian sounds that are all around us.

Today society is changing, the pace of life is so fast that we can barely take the time for ourselves and to give ourselves to the music that is all around us. The music of life, that may be gospel, contemporary, rock, soul, Jazz, even Pop has a message if we want to hear it. The style of music we listen too may be different for each of us but the message remains the same, that of lifting our heart to the heavens and singing along.

Christian music has changed with the times to bring us some great songs by some great artist’s over the decades. Soul and gospel have their roots in church music, some reggae song and sounds are almost straight from the bible and so is the style of music we listen to.

In fact, Christian sounds of all description are growing in popularity, and so is the number of styles offered to those interested in listening. Rom Gospel to Rock, soul to Rap, Jazz to Classical, all have a way of lifting the heart and, in turn lightening the soul to bring joy into our lives.

So, where do we begin to look for our own specific genre? Do you have an open mind? Are you prepared to experiment with different styles? Do you even know what you like if you have not tried different styles? This article looks at the different sounds of Christianity from the spoken word to the music that accompanies the word.

Contemporary music, by its nature, suggests a popular movement and can cover all areas and styles. This can be from covers of original quire songs to rock bands screaming out the word as they hear it in their hearts. In short, virtually any style of music you can think of can be used to praise our lord

The speed of life today also means we can listen to our music at any time. On the way to work in the car, on the bus via MP3 or iPod, at work via the stereo while we are doing our work to help lift the mood and make our day more enjoyable.

There is also the availability now of audio books so we can listen to our favourite Christian stories anywhere without interruption or someone looking over our shoulder at what we are reading. Our faith helps us through the day, the trials and tribulations of everyday life. With the technology we have today we can now take our faith with us in the music we listen to, the stories we can listen to as we work and the knowledge that he is with us always.

The growth of Christian music and Christian sounds by way of audio books is getting stronger as each generation becomes aware and accepts the word of God. Groups like the Black eyed peas, Mary Mary, both had massive hits with their songs which was based on praising the lord and identifying the need to love thy neighbour.

No longer are Christian sounds relegated to a niche, more people are coming out of the closet every day and accepting that there is a better way and we can see it in the world around us if we are prepared to look.

So, if your spirit takes you to Hip Hop or Gospel, Rock or Reggae, audio books or the written word, pick your genre and lift your heart through the day by keeping your faith with you and worship as you get through your day.