Borneo – An Exciting Tropical Island in South East Asia

Borneo is the world third largest Island and divided between Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The Indonesian section is the by far biggest and covers most of the central and southern part of the Island. Some well known tourist-destination and dive-spots fall in the Malaysian section, which takes the northern part of the Island except for Brunei, which is an independent country.

Divers can be enveloped by huge swirling schools of Jacks and Barracudas just off the well known Island of Sipadan. Thanks to nutrient rich waters welling up from the deep and infusing its sheer walls with a plethora of marine life, Sipadan has earned its reputation as a world-class dive destination very fast.

If you prefer something bigger, seek out for the large groups of hammerhead sharks that periodically flock around Layang Layang. For macro and muck-diving you should have a look into Mabul, famous for seahorses, nudibranches frogfish and many more critters.

At the eastern (Indonesian) coastline of Borneo are Derawan and Sangalaki. Sangalaki is one of the world’s best dive spots to see Manta Rays, while Derawan is another famous muck-dive destination with a huge variety of bizarre creatures as well as many turtles.

Kakaban is the spot to experience something different. You can snorkel there in a mangrove-fringed lake with thousands of non stinging Jellyfish. While in Borneo you should not miss to trek into the rainforest to see orangutans.

Borneo is a year-around diving destination with water-temperatures rarely go below 25C/77F. A 3mm wetsuit is recommended and for diver which get cold fast an additional hood or hooded vest.

The climate is tropical with temperatures averaging around 30C/86F. Depending on your travel destination you need Malaysian Ringgit or Indonesian Rupiah. Brunei has its own currency (the Brunei Dollar) but Singapore Dollars can also be used.

Borneo is an exotic Island not only for Scuba Diver and a perfect destination for adventurers in South East Asia.