Cutting Edge Fashion Trends That Became Mainstream

Over the years, we have seen some interesting fashion trends hit society. Some only latest for a short period of time, others seemed to stick around for decades, and a few them have a tendency to come back after a long hiatus. Whether its clothes, shoes, or even accessories; each of them have had certain trends that seem to stick. Here are some of the cutting edge pieces that continue to make a statement

High Heels- It took centuries for high heels to become a mainstream trend in the fashion world. Even though the overall designs and materials used to manufacture them have changed, women still wear them today. You can find them in the workplace, elegant restaurants, and special occasions. They are here to stay long and will be here long after any of us are still around.

Short Sleeves, but Long Sweaters- One of the most popular wintertime collections today has to do with long sweaters with short sleeves. They are one of the most comfortable options that can still accent a woman’s curves. Add in some nice black pants that go with a sexy pair of boots and you have the perfect wintertime outfit. You really didn’t see these all too often until the 1990s, but now they are in the stores at the end of each summer.

Stylish Scarves- One of the most interesting accessories to any wardrobe is the scarf. In the good old days, it was only used as another piece of material to keep the front and back of the neck warm, but throughout history, it has become a mainstream item. However, a lot of women that wear scarves today utilize them to simply accent their outfits. Often times, they aren’t even for the outdoors. In fact, you can even find them used as garments for work attire.

Jeans and Holes- Once upon a time there were younger girls heading to school with holes in their jeans. Whether or not this was intentional is beyond us, but today it’s one of the biggest cutting edge fashions for the younger and middle-aged population. If you head out to a nightclub, party, or college campuses you will always find a woman with holes in her jeans.

Women would purchase them and design their own holes, but due to the popularity, manufacturers started producing them with holes in them. It’s stylish, comfortable, and definitely makes a fashion statement.

Silver-Studded Clothes- In the high-end world we would always see celebs wearing silver-studded earrings and other jewelry. Over the past couple decades it has become a popular option for the red carpet, but it is now found on clothing. Whether it’s a silver studded jacket, top, or jeans, it’s a cutting edge fashion trend that has almost turned into a mainstream option.

While there are tons of trends that have become mainstream items, the ones you see above have made a huge impact. We could have mentioned items like mini-skirts, Capri’s, stylish hats, or long overcoats. All of them had a time when they were “cutting edge,” but now we see them everywhere. In the upcoming years, we will see other items in the women’s fashion world go from something new to an everyday option, just look at Lady Gaga.