Pebble Surfaces Tiles – How to Get Luxurious Results!

Looking for a quick option that’ll enable you to easily transform any surface luxurious? Try Pebble Surfaces Tiles remodeling. Unlike other tiling options available, it seems like these nature-made panels truly provide a natural look and feel to any surface you choose to coat. In this article you will be able to explore the latest ideas that can help you to easily redecorate any of your home’s surfaces.

Quick introduction

It may look different than any other tiling solution you know – Pebble Surfaces Tiles redecoration is made of unified small flat stones organized and then mounted onto a standard sq/ft mesh backing. Ever wondered about the origin of these unique stones? Well, you’ll probably be surprised to find out that most of them are originated from the S.E Asian seashores. This tiling method is commonly used for the following applications: Kitchens, bathrooms and showers – walls, flooring, counters, and backsplashes.


Such simple solution brings several clear benefits:

* Can be used for dry surfaces as well as wet surfaces such as shower flooring or as a sink backsplash.

* Easily installed over existing surfaces such as old ceramics or plain concrete.

* Saves extra expenses on hiring a professional installer.

Practical tips & advices!

* Avoid using any ready-made grout on wet areas like shower floor/backsplashes – use any other standard dry powder based cement.

* Laminate the stones with a sealer prior to installation – it’ll protect it from liquids, dirt and detergents transforming it even more durable.

* Test the sealers on a small area first to ensure it is giving you the result you want.

We could easily find many other great advantages provided by this enjoyable home improvement technique simply because once you explore and understand how it works, you quickly find endless redesigning opportunities that could fit any space at home.

Quick summary

Installation process of this unique Pebble Surfaces Tiles technique takes no more than just few hours (pending the size of the surface you are about to cover), not including drying time. As mentioned earlier installation is quite easy, however, it is advised to review the above advices once you decide on installing these panels.