Nanny Vs Daycare, Which Is Best?

The debate about child care is one that is heard in houses all over the country. Is it best to put your little ones in a daycare or allow them to stay at home with a nanny? While daycares will say one thing, nanny agencies will of course say another, but who is right?

Ultimately it is the choice of the parents but getting a nanny may be a better way to go and here are just a few of the reasons why. If you have a nanny, especially one who stays in your house, your children can sleep in. This of course means an end to crazy mornings, sleepy kids who refuse to budge and it gets you out the door faster and less frazzled. You can just make yourself breakfast because the nanny will take care of the meal for the little ones when they are ready to have it. You also don’t have to worry about dressing your little ones and dragging them out to a car to get them to daycare. The nanny is there to dress them and take them where they need to go, if indeed they need to go anywhere. All of this calm morning will set you up better for the day and let you do things on your time, take yourself to work and not have to worry about the kids.

Hiring a nanny is actually cheaper than you may think and will save you money, especially if you have more than one child who needs to be cared for. Also, having an adult in the house leads to better security, you always know where your children are, you have someone in the house to accept packages or workmen and there is an adult there to take care of the pets of the house as well.

Having a nanny in the house means that if your children are ill you don’t have to take a sick day to take care of them. Nanny’s reinforce the family values and rules and not many people know this, but you can hire a nanny part time as well as full time. If you are covering a few months until your child can get into a day care, for example, you can hire a nanny just for those months.

Having your children stay at home is a great idea for many parents today, and if it can’t be with you, why not with a nanny?