Adolescent Self Esteem

Self esteem is the one important factor required by anybody to succeed in life. It is a well proven concept that if you can build self esteem at your adolescent period it will last all through your life. Adolescence is one period in which boys and girls faces with many problems and issues. It is necessary that adolescent self esteem to be at top to face the problems faced with adolescent period. Many teenagers will have low self esteem and it is imperative to know major reasons for low self esteem and find out ways and means to combat the low self esteem. It is highly advisable to make dedicated efforts to bring up the self esteem.

There are many causes for the lack of self esteem. Let us review some of them.

o Hereditary is a main factor for low self esteem. If the parents are introverts and they never mingle with people for fear of their inability, the chances that children have low esteem are more.

o The living conditions. The surrounding in which you live also affects the lack of self esteem. If the child is brought up in a poor environment without giving proper attention to make him excel in his fields or deprived of doing good activities, the low self esteem at the adolescent stage is possible.

o Lack of proper education is another factor affecting the self esteem. Uneducated children will develop lack of self esteem as they will face problems in interacting with the educated of their age.

o Physiological. Adolescence is a period when major physical changes occur in boys and girls. The gender hormones start the functioning in full swing during this period. Many children face problems during this change unable to cope with the changes occurring in their body and behavior.

o Societal implications. During the adolescent stage of a child, society put many restrictions in their behaviors and attitudes. Girls will be automatically tempted to move away form the boys and boys are restricted to mingle with girls during the period. This makes them feel that there are some things to be afraid. This will automatically make them fear in a natural interaction.

o Fear about future. During the late periods of adolescence, the children will seriously think about their future and in many cases they will get depressed of their future. Unemployment, dating problems, insecurity, lack of financial backgrounds and many such factors make the adolescents afraid of facing the world.

o Diseases and other physical ailments. These children will be thinking that they are debris in the world. These thinking processes make them to keep away from others and they can become agitated.

There are many such reasons for low self esteem of adolescents. If proper care is not given, the low self esteem gradually will lead to many physical and mental ailments. It is important to bring up the adolescents with high self esteem.