Wholesale Fashion Jewellery – Affordable Accessories

In today’s global economic climate wholesale fashion jewellery deserves a lot more attention.

After the recent financial crisis, high-end jewellers all over the world have been hit terribly hard with declining sales and profits.

The jeweller companies that have made it through these tough times have also had a share in the wholesale fashion jewellery market. It’s been the only way for them to survive in this crisis.

It’s allowed them to have products available to a wider more budget conscious customer base while their expensive designer jewellery is still gathering dust on the shelves.

The popularity of fashion jewellery is not only from lower prices but also thanks to the sheer volume and quantities of designs available. Gone are the days where women would by jewellery as keepsakes, investments, and wear them for 30 years.

The pieces are made from a variety of materials ranging from glass, silver, gold plated metals, cubic zirconia, plastics as well as using rhinestones as cheaper alternatives that still make it very difficult to distinguish it from precious gems and metals.

Wholesale fashion jewellery allows jewellers to create new designs with low risk, which also gives customers the option of experimenting with new outfits. It’s given women the ability to find their own unique fashion sense in different styles of jewellery.

It’s also all about seasonal trends and keeping the customer coming back for more. Summer, winter, spring or autumn all have a variety of collections on offer, and at affordable prices.

The trend at the moment is in vintage jewellery and going back to nature. Floral inspiration in earrings and necklaces are popping up everywhere, and fashion jewellers are even creating new silver pieces to look like vintage jewellery.