6 New Car Buying Tips – How To Outsmart the Dealer And Get The Best Price

When I bought my first new car, I was just out of college and felt

flush with cash. I had just started working full time and I was

enjoying my new salary. After donating my old clunker of a car to

charity, I confidently strolled into the Volkswagen dealership to

pick out a brand new Jetta.

The salesman must have heard cash registers going off in his

head as he looked me over and saw me for the easy mark I was.

I’m not proud to admit it, but I got taken.

I bought a car alright, but I ended up with more extra features than

I needed or wanted. I also paid a lot more than I had planned.

But the next time around it was a whole different story. I had picked

up some new car buying tips over the years and I was able to use

them to my advantage to get myself a great deal.

You can do the same if you follow these 6 simple new car buying tips:

1. Know what you want before you even get close to the dealership. Research the different car models online so you can walk into the

dealership knowing exactly what you want. Skilled salesmen can easily talk

undecided buyers into unnecessary upgrades and features.

2. Do your homework. There are plenty of websites that offer new car reviews,

pricing, and comparisons of different models. The more knowledge you have the

better informed your choice will be. The dealer’s invoice price is especially

important. Dealers hate when you know how much they paid for the car because

it takes away one of their biggest edges in negotiating for car prices.

3. Dealers love to combine the purchase price, finance charges, and value

of your trade-in into one number. This way they can play with numbers and try

to confuse you into thinking they’re giving up more than they are. You can keep

them from doing this by insisting to negotiate each individually.

4. You can take away one of the dealer’s biggest bargaining chips if you secure

financing ahead of time. Go to your bank or credit union and secure a new car loan

before you head to the dealer. This lets you focus strictly on the price of the car.

Once you’ve agreed on a price, you can always see if the dealer will beat the rate you

already have.

5. Timing is key. You want to hit the dealer when he is most likely to give you a

good deal. The ideal time is just before the next year’s models arrive as they will need

to make room for the new stock. You can get a great deal on the previous year’s model.

The end of the month is also a good time because salesmen who are short of their monthly

quota will be pushing hard to make sales. Also, go late at night an hour or two before

the dealership closes. They’ll be more anxious to close the deal so they can go home and

see their families.

6. Above all, whenever you are negotiating new car prices with a dealer you must continuously

remind yourself…”This guy is NOT my friend.” Don’t fall for the old “I really want to give

you a good deal. It’s my boss that’s taking a hard line here.”

The salesman’s goal is to get you to pay as much money as possible. He doesn’t want to be

your friend and he doesn’t want to invite you to his house for a barbecue. All he sees

when he looks at you is dollar signs. Remember that, and take everything he says with a

grain of salt.

Follow these simple new car buying tips and you’ll drive off the lot knowing you got the best deal possible.