Why the Song "The Cross Before Me The World Behind Me" Is Wrong

Jesus NEVER said put and keep the cross before you. He said take up your cross and follow me. I don’t know how you can keep the Cross before you when you have it on your back and are following the risen Lord forward. You would be going in circles constantly trying to look at it because it’s on your back and that is what the church does, go in circles.

It should say, the cross behind me the risen Lord before me because when we miss it we look back at the Cross and remember what the Lord has done for us, remember how He took on all of our sin and shame and MADE us His righteousness and we never forget that but we then get up and press toward the mark of the high calling which is in and through The risen Lord. We are risen with Him not left at the foot of the cross. The meaning of the song is correct but in these last days what someone meant is not going to cut it. We must be accurate and focused on what the word of God really said and who we really are.

We are to always see our mistakes in the light of the cross and receive our forgiveness and cleansing 1 John 1:9 and then forget we did that just like He does. Too many people just hang around the cross, that is WRONG it produces condemnation and then keeps one in a circle of bondage, we are risen with Him and we sit TOGETHER with Him on the throne of grace and we are to rest in His finished works and stand or hold our position in the victories HE has already given us. As He is SO ARE WE in this world. We control what is around us with this victory.When we do that we win all the time.

We must see who we have become as a result of the cross and act like it and if we keep our cross in front and look back to world there is temptation to go back. So that song just irks me. The Cross before me the world behind me… really?? No, no, no, no, no!!

When one knows WHO they are they then can learn what they have and then learn to use that and live in that. Like Paul said in Romans 12:1-2 first you present your body, already holy and acceptable, to Him a LIVING sacrifice (goes with what Jesus said take your cross and follow me, not stay in front of it) THEN renew your mind to the word so that you won’t be conformed to this world and when and as you do that you will clearly see the good (first) acceptable (second) and perfect (finally) will of God in each situation. But he went on to say that he thanked God for the GRACE given to every man to not think more of himself because we all have THE measure of faith and members of one another. Though our gifts differ we all have the same grace and faith. (WE MUST DEVELOP IT BUT ITS ALL THE SAME BECAUSE ITS HIS FAITH) So when we realize that, we can then step into where each should be in the body.

If we again don’t know who we are because of the cross we won’t know what we have and won’t ever step into that grace of where our part is in the body. Paul said in Galatians just after he said Christ has redeemed us from the curse and blessed us with the Blessing of Abraham because of what Jesus finished at the cross, he said if the heir is still a child he differs nothing from a servant though he is lord of all but he is under teachers and school masters (teachers, prophets, pastors, evangelists, etc.) until he grows up and when he does he will then know not only who he is but what he has and be ready to be lord of all, as was originally intended by his Father and be bold to take what is his because he knows his Father’s Love and will in that.

Now in the natural we can’t give a child a car or a gun or much of anything if he is not taught how to use it and is not developed to maturity to use it. We teach them, we train them, we prepare them for it and as they grow they see more and more what is given to them as a child of their parents and learn to use it with boldness. But if that child doesn’t know his parents and doesn’t know their love; they will never use what is rightfully theirs, they will shrink back in fear and in the unbelief of uncertainty and never be what they can.

So we too must get up from the cross and see who we are as risen lords with our Lord Jesus Christ and become skillful in the word of knowledge apprehending what is ours through his Blood. Rev. 1:5-6 we are the lords and kings and priests under our Lord and King and High Priest Jesus and that is not at the cross, it is because of the cross but not left there. The cross took on sin and defeat, when Jesus rose and sat down on our Father’s right hand as High Priest he completed the work and THAT is where the victory is at and where He sat us.

People know this but it’s not a revelation to them so they are unskillful in the use of their weapons. They don’t need to be re-saved, they don’t need behavior modification, they need to learn and become acquainted with who they are as the righteousness of God in Christ and the outward manifestations of righteousness will be shown and they won’t want to sin, they won’t want to do bad things, it will be a natural effect of righteousness, they will bare fruit, not works but fruits of that righteousness and true, lasting change will occur, by grace not works. By grace we are saved, through faith, not works it is the gift of God and when people realize that and stop condemning themselves at the foot of the cross and GET UP they will see fruit and move ahead. It all starts with knowing who they are and not just told how to change their “works” but learn to live as the righteousness of God in Christ. When they realize this then they will bear righteous fruits and the outward behaviors will change.