Buying Clothes for Kids?

Have a baby shower coming up? Or maybe it is time to attend a toddler’s birthday party. Whatever the occasion, buying clothes and apparel for kids can be quite a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. You can’t just pick out any cute jumpers you see on childrens clothes hangers. The gift giver needs to consider function, safety, convenience, as well as adorable qualities.

Before you even get started, you will need to know the sizes you are looking for as well as the lifestyle of the parents. It makes sense that the clothes need to appeal to the parents more than the kids, especially at a very young age. Old-fashioned frills and lace might not go over well with that new-age hip couple. When it comes to sizes, remember that babies and small children wear sizes based on their actual weight and height. Going by age alone is bound to get you in trouble. Check out the clothing charts that most children’s clothing manufacturers provide to get an idea of the size you are looking for. Most infant sizes are newborn to 24M. Toddlers are usually 2T to 4T, and from there the sizes range from 4 all the way to 16 for girls and 20 for boys.

Once you have got the sizing sorted out, it is time to consider safety. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, or the CPSC, recalls apparel from childrens hangers frequently, due to an unsafe design. This might include small parts that could be swallowed or things that might get caught on the playground. For children nine months and older, federal safety regulation requires that pajamas, or sleepwear, must be either snug-fitting, or flame-resistant. As you browse childrens clothes hangers and racks, check the tags to see what safety precautions are built into the apparel.

New parents are always scrapped for time, so any way that you can make their life a little simpler will definitely be much appreciated. Check out the two-piece outfits so that parents don’t have to find something to match, or think about baby clothes that snap at the crotch to make easy access for quick diaper changes. Elastic is always a great way to go to make sure kids can wear your gift for good while, and some clothes have built in adjustments to accommodate growth. Whatever you find, keep it simple by purchasing clothes that are machine washable.

When all of your ducks are in a row, the size, safety, and convenience, then it is time to pick something fun or cute. Almost every gift new parents receive will be cute, but if they don’t fit, aren’t safe, or create a hassle, it will never be used. Give clothing gifts worth giving by making the kid can actually wear them.