How to Create a Resource Box

Internet Marketing is about information. The vast majority of people who surf the internet are looking for information and not necessarily looking for a purchase. So, information is the name of the game. Internet users who are looking for information of some kind will almost certainly turn to their search engine to guide them to appropriate websites where they can get the information they are looking for.

One of the major issues for internet marketers is how to find ways to lead these surfers to our website rather than someone else’s. The use of articles has become an excellent way to get our sites noticed by the search engines. These articles should not be used to promote products, etc. but to give quality information on a topic which will encourage the reader to click on our link to take them to our website. When well written and genuinely helpful to the readers, these articles can direct a significant amount of traffic to our marketing webpages.

The links are not included in the main body of the article but in the “Resource Box” at the end. This resource box will contain brief biographical notes about the writer plus an invitation to visitors to find out more by clicking on a link. It isn’t difficult to see, therefore, how important it is to know how to create a resource box. Just as the article itself must be eye-catching and give quality information so the resource box must raise interest in the reader by ‘pushing the right buttons’. There is only a small space in which to work so the content must be very carefully chosen in order to get the click. The big plus about clicks from an article resource box is that anyone who has taken the time to read our article through is obviously looking for something within our niche and should, therefore, be the ideal visitor to our websites, arriving there in the right frame of mind. Of course one vital issue here is to provide a really high quality article to give the reader the desire to know more. Posting a poor article will not incentivize a visitor to click the link.

Keyword research, therefore, is important to use the words which will make your visitor want to know more. Using one of the many keyword search tools available will help to find trigger words to get the click. Use your imagination and try to put yourself in the position of the potential customer. What is it that they are looking for? What is most likely to make them want to click the link? How can you raise their curiosity further? These are some of the questions we need to answer in our keyword marketing.

Never, in your desperation to get the click, mislead your visitors. You do not want them to click through to your website expecting one thing and finding something quite different. This is a great way to blow your one and only chance. When dealing with people on the internet, honesty and integrity are paramount.

The resource box may seem a very small, almost inconsequential, part of your article but it is the bit which gets the results. You have probably not spent time and effort writing an article purely for the fun of it (although I do enjoy the process myself). Never underestimate the power of a well-created resource box. Bringing traffic to a website is the key to its success so anything which can generate traffic is worth the effort. Knowing how to create a resource box is a vital skill in the marketer’s armoury.