Mature Seduction – How to Seduce an Older Woman

Everyone is talking about the “cougar” – that infamous older woman who knows how to turn on the sex appeal and snag a much younger man. This is not a new phenomenon as women like Mrs. Robinson were well aware of the power of mature seduction in movies such as The Graduate. However, more and more men are learning the art of seducing older women. Just look at relationships like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore or Tim Robbins who is 12 years younger than his partner Susan Sarandon. With a few simple steps, men can also learn the power of mature seduction.

If you want to seduce an older woman, you need to be able to appreciate what this type of partner has to offer. Instead of focusing on her age or her wrinkles, think about how much life experience she has to share, not to mention sexual experience. Too many men believe that only younger women make a good catch. Nothing could be further from the truth. The art of mature seduction involves recognizing and appreciating the maturity of older women. You won’t find many 40 or 50 year old women running to the bathroom to discuss their date with a girlfriend. This can be quite a refreshing change for all the naive young men who still believe they have to find a young chick to be happy.

Another import aspect to mature seduction involves maintaining an air of class, sophistication and intelligence. Older women have probably suffered a lot of bad dates throughout their lifetime. Therefore, you need to turn up the charm even more when you are trying to seduce an older woman. “Cougars” aren’t interested in horny little gum-chewing boys who can’t maintain a decent conversation to save their life. They are looking for a gentleman who can discuss politics, world events and which type of wine will best accompany the dinner you are enjoying. The more intelligent and sophisticated you appear, the faster you will be able to take advantage of her sexual experience in the bedroom.

You should also avoid “parading” or boasting about your attributes or possessions when trying to seduce an older woman. Many women are becoming more powerful and climbing the corporate ladder these days. So you can bet an older woman will soon lose interest when you start bragging to her about your flashy new car or countless sexual exploits. She will notice your expensive Porsche or designer suit on her own; you don’t need to remind her of them. Instead, find a way to compliment an older woman about her own accomplishments. Masters of mature seduction know this is the key to winning over older women.

If you are a young guy who wants to seduce an older woman, take some tips from the pros. Learn to appreciate all the great qualities a mature woman who like old wine, offers you a potent taste of intelligence, class, and sophistication. Truly for the connoisseur who appreciates only the best in life.