Four Excellent Uses of Mixed Use Development

Mixed use development is a futuristic idea that has the potential to create strong neighborhood pride and cut down on transportation costs in addition to many other benefits. Making residential, office, and commercial spaces readily available in specifically zoned neighborhoods or strictly commercial buildings would vastly integrate the community and ease traffic and transportation complications. Below are the four most change inspiring opportunities to utilize mixed use development to its fullest potential.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls occupy an enormous amount of space solely for commercial purposes. The addition of residential homes and office buildings would vastly cut down on transportation needs. Residential options in shopping malls would most likely appeal to the highest paying renters since the standards of cleanliness would be set so high. By offering these renters the opportunity to rent inside a shopping mall, it may reduce the rent price of expensive apartments, making them more readily available to middle class income renters.


With the ability to offer exclusive housing in upstanding hotels, well-to-do families would be able to interact with visitors of the city, which, in turn, would strengthen the community and the likelihood for visitors to return. There would also be a great incentive to keep the hotel in a most clean and upscale manner to please its residents and impress visiting guests. As mentioned with shopping malls, this may open up more rental opportunities for middle income renters that are normally occupied by wealthy renters.


Similar to offering residential options in a hotel, apartments in office buildings could be a source for smaller units and cheaper monthly rent while retaining a professional and clean space. Offering residential options in an office would most likely appeal to roommates or singles looking to minimize their rent cost while staying in a clean space. Office workers who live in the same building they work in would have no need to expend money on a daily commute.

Neighborhood Commercial

Allowing commercial properties to occupy space in strictly residential zones would be a great benefit to the community and the business owners. The presence of commercial businesses in residential zones would ease transportation for the customer and increase foot traffic for the business owner. Thanks to the integration of mixed use development, families could walk down the street for a gallon of milk instead of having to climb into the car and drive. As with the other development ideas, this would greatly reduce transportation costs and congestion.

Though it would be difficult to rezone many of the strictly zoned neighborhoods and commercial areas, it would be a worthy endeavor for the benefits that would follow. Towns and cities would become more integrated and there is a possibility that crime would fall due to decrease in spatial segregation. Instead of having designated poor-income housing or office building areas, everyone would be better mixed and integrated.