Positive Thought For the Day – Smile

There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing? There are 6 billion people on planet earth? Sometimes it sucks to be one speck in the whole equation. Nobody can ever give you your positive thought for the day. It runs through your veins like crimrose.if you can be so blessed as to see all that you want with your eyes closed, why can it not be real when you open them? Life throws punch after punch, but, you know what Muhammad Ali says? ‘In the ring, or in life, there is no problem with going down, the problem is staying down.’

If you need a positive thought for the day, do not look far, look within. You already have it. Approval is something that we all seek. It is ego. You out shone yourself a long time ago and you know it. Your positive thought for the day should be you! There is no need to go into your ‘chakra’ or any other driving source you can conjure up, the natural you is the omega.

Time is money? Think about how much time you spend not smiling. Did you know, fact, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile? One positive thought for the day that you should always take with you no matter the occasion, smile. It opens doors that nothing else can.

1. Stop waiting for it to come to you – too many are missing on what is rightfully theirs thinking that somehow it will hit them in the face. The truth is, you have to put yourself in the path to get hit in the face. If you don’t think this is going to be a good day then it won’t be a good day. If you wake up feeling this is going to be a good day but something negative hits you smack in the face, take it in stride and brush it aside.

2. Strength – how did Gandhi make it through? Nobody can ever say that what you are going through is meager, but you have to be strong. As for those who talk against you, they just prove to you how well you are doing. Show them how far you can go.

3. Rely on the Almighty – as we all know, God is great! Though we seem to be suffering more misfortunes than those who surround us, don’t make this fact a thing to put you down. Realize the fact that God will never give more than you can handle, so believe in yourself because God believes in you.

4. Learn from every downfall – Human as we are, we are not free from any mistakes and downfalls and that is why we should learn from it. The best teachers in life are our mistakes and though they may be harsh, they sharpen us and make us who we are.

5. Our life is what our thoughts make it. Thought leads to action and consequently positive thoughts will lead to positive actions which will lead to success and happiness in life. When you are down the only way for you to go is up. You are the sole sculptor of your life and you cannot pass the buck to someone else. It will be more productive if, instead of wallowing in self pity, you bolster yourself with some positive thoughts and doing positive acts. If there is a language the deaf can hear, it must be the smile.

Triumphs belong to positive thoughts. Change your thinking and you change your life. Positive thoughts have magnetic power. We attract to ourselves that which we are consistently thinking of. Why not attract only good incidents by just thinking positive thoughts? In order to be able to have positive thought for the day; it is imperative that your attitude be cheerful. Turn out all negative thoughts of doubt and anxiety. Just close the windows and doors of your mind against them.

It is imperative for attaining success and happiness to begin and end your day with positive thoughts. Reading or hearing anything positive is and investment in success. A positive attitude can lift your spirits; put a twinkle in your eyes and a smile on your lips.