Women in Danger – Twelve Things Women Should Never Do to Insure Their Safety

1. Think they will never be or could never be a victim of assault. Everyone is a potential victim. Believing you are immune from assault is a recipe for disaster.

2. Consider their neighborhood as a safe haven and impervious to danger. No place is totally safe from danger. We must always be prepared.

3. Not invest in a self-defense or rape prevention class or workshop. One does not have to be a black belt to defend oneself. Learning a few basic skills can help save one’s life and the investment is minimal.

4. Assume a blind belief that this is a Pollyanna World devoid of predators. This is a predatory world, not a paradise. One does not have to be paranoid, but one should never not be aware of one’s surroundings.

5. Let their children out of their site in public places such as parks, school grounds and theme parks. Every day somewhere young children are left alone at parks and on school grounds. This is a huge mistake. Predators can grab a child and be off and away is seconds.

6. Not be aware of who’s watching them when they’re shopping. Predators are hunters. They frequent places where females and children gather. You should always be cognizant of who may be watching or following you. If you think someone is following you, go to the most crowded place, seek security, make noise if you have to. Don’t be silent.

7. Fail to observe the vehicles located around their vehicle, especially vans adjacent to their driver’s side door. A common practice for predators is to park their van so its sliding door is adjacent to the potential victim’s driver’s side door. When the potential victim is at her vehicle’s door, the predator quickly slides the van door open, grabs the victim, pulls her inside and leaves the area.

8. Fail to look under and in their vehicle before they enter it. Predators can hide and lie in wait under a vehicle, slash their victim’s ankles as they enter the vehicle and proceed to finish their assault.

9. Walk or jog at night alone. Walking or jogging alone at night is asking for trouble, especially if there is a regular pattern and timing to the exercise.

10. Never allow themselves to be transported by a stranger to another place. Predators usually attempt to move their victims to a remote and private location where they can do their heinous deeds. Never be transported.

11. Failure to be proactive in their defense or fighting if necessary. Don’t think the cavalry will appear out of nowhere to save you. Predators prey on those who are alone, on their own and appear weak and not alert. Take your safety in your own hands and mind. Don’t wait for someone else to save you. Remember, when you’re alone, you’re on your own. You and you alone are your own protector and savior.

12. Give up when being assaulted. This is vital. If you’re being assaulted, you must never give up, never. ~ end

Copyright by Richard Andrew King All rights reserved