Costly Mistake #1 You Must Avoid When Attending Any Seminar

MISTAKE #1: Forgetting how valuable you are to the seminar host

It may seem like a cliché, but companies that host seminars need you much more than you need them. Imagine that everyone who ever thought about attending a seminar decided to forgo seminars for an entire year. While those people would certainly miss out on a year’s worth of potential knowledge, the seminar companies would all be out of business. You are the seminar company’s life blood, but your value goes way beyond what you pay to attend.

When you attend a seminar, you are valuable to the host company in many ways. First, there is the price you pay to attend. In addition, most people purchase other products (called back of the room sales) while at the seminar. And, if you like the seminar host, you will most likely continue to buy their products and services long after the seminar is over. You potentially represent a lifetime of sales to them. You are even valuable to the seminar host if the event is free and you buy nothing. That is because most seminars are held in public establishments (frequently hotels), and to get a good rate on the seminar room, the host has to promise some minimum number of room nights and meals purchased (at the hotel’s restaurant). Just by showing up and buying lunch, you have value to the host.

Even beyond your direct value to the company, you are also their best sales force. If you like the seminar, you may tell your friends about it, and that recommendation is a better sales pitch than any sales letter the host company could come up with. Everyone attending a seminar represents many other people who could attend, if they like the seminar. But you cannot tell your friends you liked a seminar you did not attend, and the host companies know that.