A Parent’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

During the medieval history, only the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries were being celebrated. Amidst the wars, maternal mortality, and uncured diseases, men and women were apt to those tragedies in the past. This called for a celebration wherein the husband bestowed a wreath of silver on his wife.

As time passed, lists of traditional 25th wedding anniversary gift can be easily found. The item for the 25th year or marriage is silver. However, green garnet and tsavorite can be used as alternatives. Pick any significant gift within the theme, such as a stylish silver key ring for dad, a sterling silver jewelry for mom, and a couple silver watches for both.

If going to the traditional route, renewing marriage vows are more common. Plan with your parents the ideas for the party. You can have the reception with only a few family and friends or have it extravagantly made.

In 25 years together, family and friends have seen the couple grow. Put together pictures and create a slideshow to display at the party or dinner. Set the table with silver or stainless steel cutlery and some anniversary flower, iris, as a centerpiece. A toast of champagne for their love and another wedding cake for dessert. Get them their favorite music to rock the place. Have them come onto the floor and share a dance remembering the most times they are together.

If you still cannot afford to have a party as a gift, have those party items as a present during their big day. Go for any twenty-fifth anniversary gift ideas related to it. Personalized items, such as a silver clock with a special message, silver-designed album with pictures highlighting their 25 years of being together, anniversary cards, or two personalized silver goblets would be a good option to give. Place in a silver box and wrapped with silver ribbon, surprise your parents with tickets to a Broadway show, a movie, a relaxation day to the spa, or a get-away ticket to another romantic place!

No matter how one chooses to present an item, the couple will enjoy being thought of.