Comparison – The EmWave Personal Stress Reliever and The RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device

Today’s review is a little different in that we will be comparing two devices that I have already reviewed in the past: The Heartmath emWave Personal Stress Reliever and The RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device. Let me begin by saying that I really like both devices and that a lot of thought went into this review. Both devices are similar in some ways and very different in others. However, they are both effective at helping you relieve stress and lower your blood pressure – so, in that respect they are clearly both winners.

The Similarities

I suppose I should begin by explaining the ways the two devices are similar. Both the emWave and RESPeRATE devices allow you to lower blood pressure and stress levels by helping you learn to control and slow your breathing pattern. The concept is nothing new and is one that has been taught in Yoga and other self meditation disciplines for centuries.  Given the right circumstances, both devices are able to lower blood pressure fast and with regular use will train you to keep your lower blood pressure level and indeed, teach you how to control your blood pressure.  Of course, such reduction is relative and it may well be that medication is required.  However, if the cause or at least part of the cause of your hypertension is stress related, one of these devices should help you feel a whole lot better!

The idea is simple – if you can breathe in and out in a slower and more relaxed manner, your heart does not work as hard and you become calmer. The result is a much lower blood pressure and stress level. Not too difficult to understand, but not everyone can achieve the desired results on their own – that is where either of these machines can help.

The Differences

While both the emWave Personal Stress Reliever and the RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device can help you to achieve a therapeutic state of slowed breathing and relaxation, the approach the two devices bring to the task differs considerably.

The emWave Device

The emWave Personal Stress Reliever uses a thumb pressure monitor and series of flashing LED lights to help you monitor stress levels and to control your breathing. To operate the machine, you simply press your thumb on the sensor and the device will determine your current stress level based on the rate of your heartbeat and pulse.  The result is then interpreted by the device and expressed by means of the blinking lights.

The device will by means of the flashing lights then signal you when to breathe in and out in order to help you lengthen the duration between breaths that, after a few minutes, results in a calmer and more relaxed frame of mind. The relaxed state causes more relaxed breathing and slowing of the pulse which in turn reduces the stress on the heart – thus lowering blood pressure. The device also comes with an ear sensor, which can be used in place of the thumb sensor.

 The RESPeRATE Device

The RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device uses a totally different method to help you control your breathing.  Where the Heartmath emWave uses a thumb or ear sensor, the RESPeRATE uses a sensor belt; and where the emWave uses the flashing lights, the RESPeRATE  uses musical tones.

When using the RESPeRATE device, you strap the sensor belt around your chest or waist and that monitors your heartbeat and pulse. Then, you put on the headphones. After the machine detects your pulse rhythm, the device will begin to play a series of pleasing and melodic tones. The first tone signals when you should breathe in and the second, when to breathe out.

The machine increases the duration of the tones until you are taking only about 10 breaths a minute – which is a very calm and relaxing breathing level.  Once the user achieves the more relaxed breathing state, it will be seen that stress is lowered as is blood pressure (just like with the emWave device).

The Conclusion

Because both of these machines are effective in helping to slow breathing and reduce blood pressure and stress levels, choosing one over the other is rather difficult. However, a decision must be made. So, my final verdict is thus:

If you can afford the $250 – $300 price tag of the RESPeRATE device, then it is possibly easier and more enjoyable to use.  Some may find the headphones and musical melodies more naturally relaxing compared to a thumb or ear sensor and having to constantly stare at the flashing lights. On the other hand, the $199 price tag of the emWave device makes it a much more attractive in terms of affordability.  Both products have their ardent supporters!