Simple Strategies to Seduce Your Friend and Turn Her Into Your Girlfriend

It happens all the time and more times than what you would imagine when friendship turns into romance all across this great world of ours. What is necessary is to have some basic and simple strategies that will turn that girl/friend into a full-blown seduced up through love sexual partner otherwise known as a girlfriend. A basic game plan for seducing a friend and turning her into a lover can be a very twisted affair and full of potholes and dead-ends that must be planned for and paid attention to. The goal is to have sex with your friend and cutting to the chase that means sometimes severing long-standing relationships with other friends and possibly breaking up the current friend’s romantic situation with another guy. As Long as She is Not Married

The reason why we say and actually warn about the probability of the girlfriend having to sever ties with another male is that most girls, that are worthy of a good chase, are the ones that are usually spoken for. As long as she is not married everything is fine as chasing married women is something that no single man should ever have to do. The seducing of a friend that in turn will become your lover starts off with identifying the core factors of the friendship.

Subject of Romance

What was it that got you two talking in the 1st place and has the subject of romance ever been discussed previously? If the topic of romance has been previously discussed and either it was mutually agreed to keep the friendship platonic or she did not feel that it was appropriate to extend the relationship father than just a friendly basis, then the ability to seduce her can either be reminded our killed and dead in its tracks right here now. If you two have discussed the possibility of romance and she fundamentally and with no hesitation in her voice said no way Jose will that ever happen then you are literally chasing a pipe-dream and you need to bail while the bailing’s good.

Your New Old Girlfriend

A great and simple strategy that will guarantee that you and your new old girlfriend will be eaten breakfast come Sunday morning in your bedroom will be to demonstrate your undying love for the woman right away. How can we say this was such relative calm and ease and straightforwardness? Experience my friend it all boils down to having served time in the trenches with good-looking friends that were girls that we always had a plan of making the relationship go that extra mile with. That’s one of the basic simple strategies for seducing a friend that is a beautiful girl and the one that you wanted to sleep with ever since you met was that you have already known that you wanted to get with this one from day one!

Probability of Successful Maneuvering

Now that may be cheating a bit and since the probability of the successful maneuvering around the friendship angle was already set in place and she was receptive to that from day one as well, then this really isn’t a seducing opportunity this is just a regular normal evolution of friendship to lover girl. It does not matter if in the end this does not work out as there is a formula for that situation as well. If not the last time we checked there were eight women to every man on planet Earth. Good luck with your seduction endeavor and always remember to keep your eye on the prize and feel great about yourself for you are good enough to be with this woman so now you got to make her believe that as well.