How to Take Care of Neon Signs

Neon signs usually last for more than a decade if they are taken care of. Some simple steps should help you take care of your signs so that they last for long.

Neon signs are meant to showcase your messages to the world. For this, they are generally installed in the open space and outside the stores, parks, shopping malls, bars, restaurants and other establishments. To ensure that these signs serve your business for long time, you must learn some good tips to take care of them.

Removing Dust

As the neon signs are installed in open space, they tend to get dusty after short time periods. This can hinder the clear visibility of the signs and can make them look unattractive. So, you must make efforts to clean the neon regularly. You must sue a soft nylon brush to wipe off the dust from the neon lights. A sock can also be used for the purpose.

After removing the upper layer of dust with brush or sock, you must use a wet cloth to completely remove the dust particles from the signs. Don’t use abrasive cleaning solutions to clean the signs.

Removing Stains

Neon bear stains caused due to smoke and atmospheric pollution. Besides, the signs used in the bars bear nicotine stains due to smoking habit of the visitors. In order to remove these stains, you must use a recommended solution, like that containing ammonia. After gently cleaning with a sock dipped in ammonia solution, you must use another cock dipped in warm water to remove the remaining dirt.

Inspect Regularly

You must inspect the neon signs regularly to check for cracks in the glass tubes. Also, check the quantity of gas present inside the tubes to ensure that the glow of these signs don’t fade away.

More Useful Tips

Make sure to switch off the signs before performing any type of cleaning operation to avoid electric shock.

Always install the neon signs away from the reach of the children and pets.

Take care of the connecting wires while cleaning to avoid unplugging them.

Don’t use ammonia solution to clean the back of neon signs as it can cause damage to the paint.

Neon that are cared and maintained using the above mentioned tips offer best value for the money invested in them.