Part Time Jobs on the Internet – Working Online

Doing part time jobs is a common way of earning extra income in addition to your main income. There are a variety of reasons why people seek part time jobs. These include not having enough time to sustain a full time job, no full time job available, or the income from one’s full time job is just not enough to cover expenses and pay the bills. Part time jobs are a great way to make ends meet. But having two jobs can take its toll on you because of the stress associated with working overtime, and not having sufficient time for rest and recreation.

An alternative to this stressful routine is working online part time. A lot of part time jobs are available on the internet. But beware, a large number of these online job opportunities are scams. Nevertheless there are also a good number of legit ones amongst them. You just have to do a little bit of investigation before signing up, and with persistence and a little luck you’re likely to find a legitimate part time job online. A lot of online part time jobs are easy jobs such as data entry, transcription, proof reading, article writing, just to name a few. These jobs usually require just a few hour of your time in a day, and you get paid when you’re done. Some online part time jobs are so lucrative they can be taken up as full time employment. And the best part is you get to work from home. Hell, you can even work in your pajamas!

Ok, before you run off to register with the first work from home website you find on Google, offering you $1,000 a day part time jobs, consider the following. I’ve had a few nasty experiences with scam work from home websites that promise you heaven, but deliver nothing – I mean nothing – at the end. Often you’ll be asked to pay a registration fee, often a little on the high side. Once you do that on a scam website, you don’t hear from them again in most cases. It’s a frustrating experience trust me. Anonymity is the name of the game on the internet. And fraudsters utilize this to the max. So consider these few tips to stay safe when looking for part time jobs online:

  • Look for work from home websites that do not require you to pay a registration fee before you can start working there. However such are few, and there are some legitimate websites that do require you to pay for registration. So discretion is the key.
  • If you must pay a fee, look up the company’s profile. Look for a physical address and a phone number. Call them up and talk to them. Pay them a visit if you can. Some fraudsters are real good and they can fake these. Be wary of websites without a ‘contact us’ and ‘about’ link. Investigate as much as you can then go with your gut instinct.
  • Do a cross reference of the website on a good search engine. On more than a few occasions I have come across genuine looking work from home websites that promise you the world when you register with them for a fee. But only to find scam alerts for these same websites on search results when I typed their URL or company name into the search engine. If you experience this I’ve got one word for you – flee.
  • Be wary of work from home websites that offer you huge earnings within a very short time, such as $2000 a day! You know what I mean.
  • Look for work from home websites that use reputable merchants’ websites to advertise their online jobs, or for payment, or have affiliations with these merchants. Often these merchants have a list of their affiliates or partners in their own website. Go check this out and see if the work from home website you intend to sign up with is listed. If not raise an eyebrow.

Even with all the tips in the world, there are no hard and fast rules for knowing legitimate online jobs websites. The internet is an open playing field with little rules. There are precious gems here and there. You just got to know where to dig. Good luck to you on your search for part time jobs online.