Being a Competitive Student

Competition is the inside drive that motivates a person to always become better than he/she has ever been before, or to be better or dominate the other person. Competition is a high mover among college students, and of course this will have some consequence on the way that they study or act. Students who are more competitive are likely to have been more involved in activities.

It has been told that people such as athletes, are highly motivated in order to keep themselves competitive. Athletes must compete daily to keep their athletic capability up to the rank needed by their peers. On the other hand, we don’t need to think that a college athlete who is so driven and competitive would also be just as driven in other areas, such as making grades. However, people can be just as competitive as athletes for things such as succeeding or getting better grades.

When it comes to competition, males are viewed to be more competitive than females. However, recent studies show that there is no evidence that males are more competitive than females. A study showed that leadership positions were given out males were given most of the leadership positions. It turned out that they were actually just given the positions because they were male, and finally the female`s who were better leaders ended up taking over anyhow. So the facts shows that there is no difference in the competitive rank between males and females.

While some people said that a competitive manner will weaken achievement in college students, others concluded that learning itself is a predictive and competitive process. Competition among college students is keep growing, not only is it becoming tougher to get jobs they have to be outstanding students who make good grades and take part in many activities to really get far in the world today. So grades are a big element of a college students life, and one might wonder how competitive a college student must be in order to keep themselves in good position. Anyway, there are a lot of factors more than just grades that may lead to success. This awareness has motivated many students to involve in competition in other activities, useful for developing their lifeskill.