All Lawns Beware – See What Can Ruin All Lawns in a Flash!

All lawns ought to be trouble free so it is not a chore to be ignored weekly. With a trouble free lawn, it becomes fun to keep it in condition and looking good.

Lawn drainage is essential, If your lawn does not drain at the end of a storm, or if it drains too quickly at the end of a storm there is cause for concern, After a good storm (maybe a 24 hour period of steady rain) you need to survey your lawn to make note of any problems.

No lawn drains seamlessly and you will notice small puddles, but it is the large puddles you need to find. Pooling water is caused by poor grading or poor soil uniformity. Wet lawns cause a harmful effect on the well being of your lawn. When your lawn is moist or wet over long periods it becomes susceptible to diseases. Likewise if your lawn drains too fast it will dry and become brown and expire.

Sandy soil drains fast and soil that has a lot of clay does not. Adding organic material to the soil adds nutrients the sandy soil needs and loosens the soil with clay so it will drain. Adding organic material is as easy as putting fertilizer or peat on your lawn.

When you have puddling due to poor grading you encounter another kind of trouble which needs to be addressed quickly.

Keep in mind drainage should be away from the foundation. So grading needs to be directed away from the foundation of the home. Water can and will cause problems with the foundation, so you need to keep it away.

You may have low areas in the lawn which retain the rain. You can fill in the low area so it is even with the remainder of the lawn. Stay watchful not to cause a dam or interrupt a water way.

Water needs to move so you must not remove a swale in the yard which carries it away. All lawns ought to be prepared for fun and entertaining, so make sure you have your drainage situation under control.