5 Main Reasons You Don’t Get Acupuncture

If you haven’t tried Chinese medicine before, namely acupuncture, you are missing out. Study after study reveal the advantages it has for the human health and wellbeing. It has been around for more than 2000 years, which should tell you something.

Yet, many people have no clue what acupuncture is how it can help them. There is a high chance you haven’t tried it yet, despite the fact you can most certainly use it to better your everyday life. Here are a few reasons you may not have tested this form of treatment:

You don’t know what acupuncture is based on – this treatment is based on the belief of ancient Chinese medicine that no single problem in your body is isolated. With everything connected, your body, spirit and mind all contribute to your collective wellbeing. At the root of this belief is the fact that all living creatures have Qi (a.k.a. chi) – life energy. It flows through the body in streams, all of which are related to many points on the skin. If blockages are present, the flow of Qi is inhibited, which results in illness or pain. The goal of acupuncture is to renew the flow of qi and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.

You have a fear of needles – perhaps the main reason people don’t get acupuncture earlier is the fear of needles. It is true some people have genuine phobias, though some are just hesitant because of the idea of needles and the pain they cause. The truth of the matter is that needles used in acupuncture aren’t at all like needles you can see in traditional medicine. They are so thin that they bend to the touch. It doesn’t hurt at all to have them placed on your body. Their main function is to make you de-stress and unblock the flow of Qi.

You think it doesn’t work – if you have tried conventional medicine for a health issue you have and it didn’t work, what have you got to lose by trying acupuncture? It can help with numerous problems, ranging from sports injuries to anxiety. Experts are also adamant that acupuncture is helpful against insomnia, depression, migraines and pain management. With zero side effects and no downsides, you lose absolutely nothing by trying it out. You have a lot to gain – wellbeing, health and relief.

You think it costs a lot – using complementary medicine is well worth any extra expense, especially when you find out it works. Besides, acupuncture is far more affordable than many other types of medication out there.

You don’t know who to see – every acupuncture practitioner will make it easy for you to approach them and book a consultation. Besides, the treatment has become so popular, that you surely have some friends who have tried it. Ask them for a recommendation and try out the same expert as they have.

Now that you know the most likely reasons people don’t try out acupuncture, you should know better to test it.

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