Choose Paint Color – How to Choose an Interior Paint Color

Choosing a color for an interior room can be a little overwhelming. When you go to your local hardware or paint store you will see that there are many colors to choose from. In some cases there can be too many colors to choose from so you need to narrow it down and choose a color that works for your room.

First you need to get a basic idea of what color you want. Many rooms are now using color to make the room look better and whether you go with a bold color or something more toned down you can be assured that it will look better than white.

You want a color that goes with the furniture and decor that you have in the room. You want to make a list of the colors that you have in your pictures and accent pillows. This can help you narrow down the choices that you have for your interior room.

Take a picture or pillow to the paint store and have them match the color you want. This can be the best way to get the color to match and the room will look natural. If you go with a bold color then you need to use white accents to frame it in and make it stand out.

Take some of the color cards and see if any colors match the colors of your accents pieces in the room. You may be looking for a in between color and the best way to find one is to use color cards. If the card is not exactly what you want then you can have them lighten or darken the color accordingly.