Spells From the Real Book of Shadows – Do They Exist?

Spells from the real Book of Shadows – do they really exist? Seeing as the real Book of Shadows inspires such fervent discussion, the answer should be straight-forward. Unfortunately it’s not and it is a subject that is as complex as it is mysterious. Some say it does exist and talk of ancient scripts and rituals that originate from it – the much coveted spells from the real book of shadows. Some claim it is a more modern concept belonging to Gardnerian Wicca. Let’s look at the truth and the myths behind this arcane article and examine sources for spells that could be just what you’re looking for.

First, a brief overview of what a Book of Shadows is. It is actually a term for the journal used by witches and Wiccans for recording their personal spells. It can also be called a Grimoire. Making notes of any progress they make, changes to spells or rituals, or even psychic experiences is an essential part of life for any spell-caster. It is a very personal collection and for the most part, for their eyes only. The exception to this would be if there is a family tradition of witchcraft or the witch is part of a Wiccan coven. Then the Book of Shadows can be past down to the next generation to use and learn from. You may have seen this in the TV show Charmed!

The book cover will often be decorated with items and trinkets of sentimental value, to give further meaning and energy to the power within the book. Sometimes, witches will go for a theme that resonates with them, such as fairies or perhaps Wiccan symbols.

The tradition of keeping a journal is said go back to medieval times when witches were persecuted for their craft. Because they didn’t want to be discovered, they wrote their notes and spells in code. However, this only led to further torture as the words became even more mysterious and therefore suspicious to their discoverers.

But what of the term Book of Shadows? Here there seems to be some controversy. The creator of the modern day form of witchcraft, Wicca, was largely developed by Gerald Gardner. In fact you will see him referred to as the ‘father of Wicca’ just about anywhere you read about him! But before he mentioned the term in his works of the 1950s, some claim that the term was not recorded as being in use. Witches had used journals but not necessarily calling them a book of shadows.

Gardner did speak of ancient scripts however, so could these be the elusive spells from the real book of shadows? Unfortunately, the jury is out on whether these are authentic too.

So sadly, it seems that there is no proof that an original piece of work exists, or ever did exist, that could be definitively called the real book of shadows. But if you are looking for something with the ancient wisdom that spells from the real book of shadows would bring you, where do you go next?

Depending on whether you are looking for a particular spell for a specific reason or want to add to your own book of shadows, there are some alternative sources that you might wish to try.

Firstly, you can simply search for ancient spells. However, be prepared to find plenty of incantations and rituals translated for the modern world, albeit for good reason. Some of the really old spells can be nigh on impossible to understand! And for this reason, they are unlikely to be effective if you are unable to fully comprehend the meaning.

You can also try to perform some authentic Wiccan spells. These have the advantage of having been practised by many others. This is not be recommended for the uninitiated as it takes practise and dedication but you may wish to try studying the ways of Wicca and build your spell work as you progress.

Last but not least, you can try turning to some experienced witches! She may divide opinions but beginners can look at the work of Silver Ravenwolf for inspiration as she is renowned in her field. She provides information on a witch’s lifestyle right through to spells for your own personal book of shadows so will almost certainly get you started on the right tracks.

Although spells from the real book of shadows may be elusive, you can still find plenty to enjoy in the modern day world of Magick, sorcery and bewitchment.