Listen To Your Body – And It Will Keep You Healthy!

Like a switched-on radio receiver, your body continuously receives a vast amount of data and information from the external world. The earth, stars, sun and all life forms constantly emit radiation, which your body registers and processes to ensure balanced functioning and a harmonious relationship with the environment. Everything radiates, including light, warmth, air, earth-electric fields, microwaves, magnetic fields, radioactivity, etc. In response to all these visible and invisible influences, your body produces concrete messages, which try to tell you what to do at any given moment. Sleep, hunger, thirst, and any other natural urges or occurrences in your body indicate that your “radio” is switched on and you are “in tune” with the natural world. All of us are constantly challenged to listen and act on the messages we receive.

When we are no longer in tune with the outer forces, such as the cycles of the sun and moon, we begin to feel out of balance, and perhaps fall ill. This means we need to take more self-responsibility, which requires commitment to self, self-appreciation and self-love. These are the very same qualities that an illness may possibly help reinforce in us (the main purpose behind the disease-process). Instead of just dealing with the symptoms of a disease, we may greatly benefit from locating its origin(s) because it can teach us much about ourselves.

It is much more convenient to blame a virus for the cold you catch than to acknowledge that irregular sleeping habits or eating a lot of junk food, and the reasons behind this behavior, may have something to do with it. In truth, everything negative has a positive opposite hidden within it. Given the circumstances that you have created for yourself, it actually is not a bad stroke of luck or a form of punishment that makes you fall ill. All forms of ill health serve as opportunities to learn more about yourself, your body, your past, and the way you choose to live your life right now. Illness can lead you to a heightened state of awareness if you start seeing it as a challenge to move forward in your life rather than it being just a nuisance.

The Body’s Many Messages

It requires an open mind and heart to be able to listen to and follow the rules that nature has laid out for the smooth and effortless functioning of the body. To insist that everything needs to be explained scientifically before it is valid and worthy of consideration is not only impractical, but also shows lack of self-confidence and poor sense of judgment. The messages that we can receive from nature are direct and need no intellectual interpretation. In fact, trying to figure out everything to know it intellectually can actually steer you away from the ability to listen to the inner wisdom bestowed to you by nature itself. The wisdom of how to live a healthy, happy life is intrinsic to the body, mind and spirit of every person.

To give an interesting example: you don’t really have to understand the exact mechanisms behind the hunger signal that the body is giving you when it needs food. All you need to do is to eat and experience how the hunger subsides. By habitually ignoring the natural urge to eat, your stomach, pancreas and small intestines may get “upset” and start adjusting to the new rule of living by keeping their production of digestive juices low, so as not to waste the body’s precious resources. So when you suddenly eat a substantial, normal meal, you are likely to suffer indigestion.

On the other hand, if your stomach tells you that you are not hungry, i.e., that you don’t require any food at the moment, but you still eat out of politeness or curiosity, the digestive system won’t be able to process the food properly. This is another cause of indigestion.

If you feel the natural urge to have a bowel movement, the body sends you in the direction of a bathroom. But by disregarding this signal because it comes at an inconvenient time, your body has no other choice but to hold on to the waste. Eventually, the urge to defecate subsides, and more and more water is withdrawn from the feces until it is too dry and hard to be eliminated. This condition is known as constipation. Or, destructive bacteria begin to break down some of the waste, leading to toxic gases and other noxious substances. This may cause blood poisoning and other disturbances in the digestive system.

When your body feels tired and sleepy you have the natural urge to lie down and sleep. However, a cup of coffee or a cigarette will provide you with enough adrenaline to keep you awake. If you ignore the body’s sleep signals as a matter of routine, the over-secretion of adrenaline and other stress hormones may end up making you hyperactive, and unable to relax or sleep properly.

Ignoring the natural messages of the body lies at the basis of most illnesses today. To add to the already existing confusion about health matters, books, radio, television and especially magazines bombard you with an overwhelming amount of advice and information on the latest slimming diets, routines and lifestyle programs that are supposed to be “so good for you.” For example, not so long ago we were told that potatoes and pasta were among the most fattening foods, then nutritionists considered them good for slimming, and the latest low carb craze dismisses them as junk food. Torn between various health doctrines, we look for perfect answers to our problems. At the end, when your body is exhausted while trying to adjust to one diet after another, you may begin to realize that your requirements are totally unique and undergo constant changes, often from one day to the next.

If you are a sensitive person you must have noticed that at certain days of the month or times of day you are able to digest a particular food item more easily than at other days or times. The same food can make you feel vital and energetic on one day and cause you an upset stomach, bloating or cramping on another day. You may find that the same pasta dish may leave your stomach quickly after one meal whereas two weeks later the same dish will sit there like a rock and make you feel congested and even add weight to your body. Apart from the daily and seasonal cycles of change, the answer to this mysterious behavior of the body lies in the continuous movement of the planets and their various positions.

Good Health Requires Natural Instinct

In 1984, Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia proved that the human body is composed of mostly energy and only very little matter. To be exact, for each particle of matter there are 974.600.000 units of energy (photons). In other words, only one billionth of your body consists of matter, the rest is vibrational energy. All matter that comprises your physical body, the chair you are sitting on and the planet you are living on behaves essentially in a quantum-mechanical way. Since all external influences, such as solar storms, climate changes and the moon’s passage through a particular zodiac represent different energy states, they can instantly trigger corresponding activities, responses and transformations within your body. As a result of receiving these outer stimulations, your body starts sending subtle signals or intuitive messages to tell you that its requirements for food, water, rest, exercise, warmth, coolness, etc., have changed. This, however, requires sensitivity and wakefulness on your part. Both these qualities are absent, if you suppress your body’s natural urges (hunger, thirst, defecation, urination, sleep, etc.), overload your digestive system with food and waste, or even make yourself dependent on other people’s advice, however useful it may appear to be.

Any good system of health care can be recognized by one attribute: It teaches you how to listen to your body and how to become self-dependent in knowing what is useful for you at every moment in time. In any case, let experience guide you and find out what works for you and what doesn’t. A theory alone does not make you healthy. As you begin to listen to your body’s subtle messages, you will find that its behavior, activities, natural urges, and symptoms of disease are far from being random or coincidental.

Health trouble begins when we doubt our body’s ability to make the right choices, and this is exactly what we have learned to do, almost right from the beginning of life. Many of our natural instincts were discouraged or subdued by man-made rules, beliefs, manipulation, and advertising. They dictate to us our lifestyle, eating habits and times of eating, sleeping, and elimination of wastes.

If we keep ignoring the body’s basic instincts, the mind begins to look for substitutes, which causes (legitimate) cravings or addictions to foods, beverages, stimulants, sex, etc. By giving a little extra attention to your body, it will soon tell you the difference between a balanced and an unbalanced message. If, for example, your stomach is still full and you want to eat something, you will find that it is not your stomach that wants more food. Through the message of food craving the body is trying to tell you that it is no longer able to digest and assimilate foods properly and is consequently suffering from malnutrition. This cellular famine leads to the cravings. If your stomach is empty and you feel hungry, ask your stomach what it really would like to eat. The body’s nutritional and emotional requirements shift from day to day in direct response to changes occurring in the near and far environment. A set dietary plan would, therefore, confuse the body’s specific needs, and distort the messages it is trying to convey to you.

The body’s natural instincts follow certain principle forces that are common to every part of physical creation. The unique representation of these forces in your body ultimately determines your natural inclinations and instincts. It is responsible for the specific characteristics of your body type. To restore your body’s natural instincts, which is essential for regaining lasting health and vitality, you may first need to discover your personal body type.

To learn more about your specific body type and how the body responds to specific foods, the cycles of the moon and the sun, and many other influences, see Andreas’s book Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation.