How to Seduce Men Without Them Realizing It

For centuries, women have honed their skills of seduction. But if you have not been privy to their methods before, fear not. We will tell you exactly how to seduce men… without them realizing that you are doing it!

How to Seduce Men… Be Coy

Yeah, guys have a tendency to go to strip clubs. But real seduction is not about nudity or pole dancing. It’s about being “unattainable.” For example, the next time you are out to dinner with your dude, slip off your shoes and play with his thighs. He will not be able to do anything about his physical urges, and you will appear to be the most seductive female he’s ever encountered.

How to Seduce Men… Be Unpredictable

It is time to surprise your man and make him wonder, “Is she really the same gal I have been dating?” If you never worn fishnets, put some on the next time you two go out for a drink. Or wear leopard-print teddies instead of the ho-hum pajamas with the holes in them. Every time you step outside your “comfort zone” and try something new, you will force your fellow to respond in a new way, too. Who knows what the night could bring if you decide to answer the door sans clothing?

How to Seduce Men… Feel Sexy

If you do not feel sexy, you will never succeed at learning how to seduce men. And sexiness is not a size or a certain “look”. It is an attitude. You have to get to a point where you can look in the mirror and state, “I am hot! I deserve to be treated well!” Until you feel worthy of a guy’s attention, it will be tough to convince someone else that you are sexy or seductive.

How to Seduce Men… Take Charge

Men often like to be in control of a relationship or scenario, but they can feel wildly seduced if you suddenly turn the tables on them and become the domineering seductress. For instance, the moment your guy opens the door, you can start telling him exactly what you both are going to do. Have a plan and stick to it. He will be drooling before long, totally fascinated by your “take charge” attitude.

How to Seduce Men… Have Fun

Finally, if you want to know how to seduce men, you have to be willing to have fun. Enjoy yourself! Being a sultry miss should be a cool experience, not one you will dread. Allow yourself to play and be a bit silly; guys like gals who can “let go” once in a while.

Now, go out there and start seducing some men (or the special someone currently in your life) right now!