10 Steps to Deal With the Loss of Your Pet

There is no best way to get through the loss of a beloved pet. The way through the grief process is different for everyone. Here are some things I found helpful when I lost Maggie, my beautiful black lab with whom I had the most precious of relationships:

1. Hold a ritual after your pet dies and invite friends and family who knew and loved your pet. Share stories about how your beloved animal enriched your life and other lives she touched. You may also want to create a memorial altar with a candle and your pets' photo, along with other items that belong to or remind you of your pet, such as her dish, special toys, and a lock of her hair.

2. Recognize that the grief of pet loss can be exceptionally profound and honor that by giving your grief the space to be. Allow your tears. Set-aside quiet time each day where you can decrease the demands of the outside world. Write in your journal. Allow your pain to express and release.

3. Let in the compassion and understanding of supportive family friends and strangers.

4. Don't be surprised if some family members or friends are not as supportive as you might expect them to be. Allow yourself to take time off from friends who don't understand the depth of your grief, who try to downplay your loss because it's an animal rather than a human, or who have unrealistic expectations of you at this very vulnerable time.

5. Let people know if you need to talk about your lost pet. Many well-intended people may try to change the subject to make it easier on you and you may need to let them know that it's okay to talk about it.

6. Find a pet loss support group locally or online and make use of the national pet loss support hotlines.

7. Nurture yourself. Get a massage. Take walks that nature. Meditate. Have lunch with a supportive friend. Do what feeds your soul.

8. Know yourself well enough to know if getting a new pet at this time will help or hinder our grief process. Some people do fine jumping right in with a new dog or cat. Others may resent having a new animal in the house too quickly.

9. Help animals at your local humane society or get involved with the many breed rescue groups in your area. It may help ease your pain if you allow your love from your lost animal to become part of a bigger purpose, such as assisting and caring for homeless animals.

10. Try new things to discover more of yourself; those creative endeavors you have often considered but have never tried.

We all have to face grief and loss eventually. It's one of the great equalizers in life. Allow your pet's death to ripple the foundation of who you are, as death often does. When we experienced loss, it may be a good time to let go of what no longer fits in your life; what isn't you. In my case, after I lost Maggie, I changed both personally and professionally. I hope my steps on the road from loss to healing can now benefit you in your time of loss. As devastating as the loss of our beloved animals can be, this time can also be an excellent opportunity to examine our purpose in life and find new meaning.

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Bob Richards on the Wheaties Search for Champions - a national quest for outstanding amateur athletes. Heir was a member of the U.S. Olympic team wheelchair division. He won four medals at the World Olympic Wheelchair games in the javelin and discus competitions. At the time I met him, Heir was also a law student and teaching assistant at Rutger's University. He would not settle for just one career but rather combined his athletic prowess with his quest for the law.

Gina, another client, discovered that her true calling was in social work. "There is nothing more fulfilling than helping build a community center brick by brick, board by board with your own hands," she explains. A stint as a volunteer on a local crisis line led her to go back to school at 35 to get her master's degree in social work. After she lost her job Enron, she thought the world was over but volunteered at the local YWCA. It was there, working with their 'displaced homemaker' program, she realized that just getting another corporate job in Human Resources would not be enough.

Too old to change your life?

Many people worry that they are too old to start over. Yet, I've found that my clients successfully recareer at all ages. San Francisco actor and writer Dean Goodman dreamed his whole life of doing films, and in his 70's broke in as a co-star on a Francis Ford Copppola movie.

In doing research for this book, I came across an interesting fact about illustrator H.A. Rey, noted for his charming drawings of Curious George, the nosey little monkey who is always getting himself in and out of trouble. Rey, who lived from 1898 to 1977, sold bathtubs up and down the Amazon River from the age of 26 to 38 until he married his wife, Margaret. Then he embarked on an artistic career that produced the wonderful "Curious George" book series. From bathtub salesman on the Amazon to children's book illustrator with books now on Amazon.com Quite a lifestyle change!

Life changes brought on by crisis

Not all career changes are planned, many start by accident or when people like you and me go through tough times--divorce, down-sizing and even financial crisis.Actor Ed O'Neil, probably best known as Al Bundy on the classic television show "Married with Children" was a professional football player at one time. After being cut from the pro team, he decided to take a break (like many of my clients do) and stay in Florida where he had been in spring training. He supported himself as a bellboy coincidentally at the same hotel he had stayed at as a ballplayer.

He needed what I call a "station break" in life. This is not an easy time for most of my clients. And in fact, making a transition is often filled with a potpourri of emotions--confusion, anger, regret and hope. And challenges. As a bellboy, O'Neil was called to the front desk one day to carry the bags of some of his former team members who were back in town to play football. Can you imagine what kind of razzing he must have taken? He reports that he kidded them right back - using that sarcastic brand of humor that would become his trademark on TV in the future. And he also accepted the tips. Of all the qualities that help during a transition, I've found that the ability to 'lighten up' is one of the best. And to realize like O'Neil did then, that this limbo period is not permanent. Someday, you, like O'Neil will move onto the next episode and maybe even a 'starring' role.

Where will you live?

Where you live need not be driven by career choice, but by "personal" decision. With a plan of action, the right technology, a bit of capital and lots of ingenui9ty, you can choose to live in the mountains, in the city, on both coasts or abroad--no matter what profession you want to practice. In fact, you may want to choose where you live before you consider what you want to do.


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